A Day in Kotatieva

Spend a Memorable Day Ice Skating in Kotatieva

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is located in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. Our speciality is an unique ice skating trail in a forest. All our activities are available for you for the whole day with one fee. In between the snow fun you can take a break in our warm Lappish hut and enjoy refreshing snack and drinks. To make your visit even more stunning we provide a possibility for a private sauna and hot tub experience!

Happy moments for everybody

With us everyone – no matter the age – has a chance to experience real winter fun. Small children can play in snow, slide down the sled hill, enjoy a kicksled ride, or try ice skating with a support. For those who prefer more peaceful going there’s for example an icy track for bowling and plenty of time to enjoy a walk in the forest with snowshoes. So far all our guests have enjoyed ice skating on our forest trail, most of them being first timers! Please see the list of our activities and services below.

Our activities, services, and prices


Ice skating forest track

A unique experience in the middle of the woods of frozen Lapland. Choose ice skates or a kick sledge and kick away – our track is 500 meters (approx. 1640 ft) long. The ice skating forest track is only one of its kind in Nordic countries!

Ice skating rink

Whether you’d like to practice ice skating on a traditional ice rink, to play some ice hockey, or to throw few pirouettes the rink is yours to try.

Sled hill

In Kotatieva you will find a grand hill to slide down from! The slide is built on a large, natural hill and it assures you a fun, speedy ride down.

Snow track bowling

Yes, you read it right, you have a chance to bowl on a frozen base in the middle of the forest! Try whether there are differences while bowling in nature compared to a traditional track!

Snowshoe disc golf

Stand on top of the snow with snowshoes and throw in some bangers and clutches! Bet you haven’t tried this before! Test out how well your throw carries out in these more challenging circumstances!

A traditional Finnish way of winter fun on ice. The carousel is adored by children but adults may want to take over, too!

Finnish sauna and hot tub

Combine a traditional Finnish sauna and hot tub with A Day in Kotatieva -ticket! Enjoy the relaxing heat and lovely warm water after an active day outdoors. To ensure a private sauna experience for our guests A Day in Kotatieva with sauna is available for only one booking per day.



We lend you the equipment needed for the activities. The ice skates, helmets, coasters, sleds, and the snowshoe disc golf equipment are included to the entrance fee. You can bring your own gear if you want to!

Changing room

We offer a changing room where you can hop into the skates and other gear when necessary!

Lappish hut

There’s a cozy warming fire inside a real Lappish hut in which you can warm up, enjoy your snack and take a break from the activities.


The café is open daily from 10am until 3pm. You can purchase commodities from the café. There is a nice terrace area outside the café. 


Entrance fee includes a snack consisting of a sausage (vegetarian option available) and a hot drink. Please note: Bringing your own food is not allowed!

Other things to take note of

We have a warm outhouse toilet. The parking area is before the ticket office.

If you choose to have a sauna

The towels are provided by Kotatieva. The wearing of swimming suit in the hot tub is mandatory so please bring your own swimming gear with you.
The sauna in Kotatieva is a traditonal small log sauna which is wood-heated. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions that are given before going to sauna.

How to prepare for a day
in the Winter Leisure Park? 

Sufficiently warm clothing: winter clothes, wool socks, warm beanie, good quality handwear.

A camera that can withstand cold weather is a must for the once-in-a-lifetime memories!

A whole bunch of adventurous mood and a clear open mind!

If you are interested to know what do our guests have to say about us please go to our front page and scroll down to the reviews.

Safe visit

As an outdoor park we are a Covid-safe destination. Kotatieva’s location is excellent for social distancing. We have enhanced our hygiene policy and we offer free disposable face masks if needed.

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