Terms & Conditions

Services and Prices 

The prices and the services offered and to be delivered by Kotatieva under these Terms & Conditions for Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park service. The given prices include VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Finland.

Kotatieva reserves the right 

  • To change the prices in case of any unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices etc.) beyond the control of Kotatieva.  
  • To change the timetables or contents due to ice or weather conditions or similar reasons. 
  • Force Majeure: Kotatieva has right to charge maximum 200 € office fee. 

Service language 

Language used during all services is Finnish or English. 


Reservation received by Kotatieva is considered as confirmed upon reservation confirmation send by Kotatieva to the consumer. Payment options will be presented in our webstore, or in case of reservations made on the spot.

Cancellation terms

Consumer Customers – A day in Kotatieva tickets

  • More than 7 days prior to the arrival cancellation fee 0 € per person. 
  • 1-6 days prior to the received service, cancellation fee 50% of the total amount
  • Same day or no show 100 % of the total amount. 
  • For cancellations, please contact info@kotatieva.fi 

Pre-sale Early Bird tickets are not refundable

Changing the date of the entrance tickets, or transport time is possible if there is availability for the change.

  • More than 7 days prior to the arrival, change fee 0 € per person. 
  • 1-6 days prior to the received service, change fee 5€ per person
  • Same day or no show, changes are not possible
  • For changes, please contact info@kotatieva.fi 

Consumer customers – Aurora Skating

  • More than 7 days prior to the arrival cancellation fee 0 € per person. 
  • 0-6 days prior to the received service (Aurora Skating) or no show 100 % of the total amount. 
  • For cancellations, please contact info@kotatieva.fi 

Pre-sale Early Bird tickets are not refundable.

Kotatieva will refund the price you paid within 30 days of cancelling your admission ticket. Refunds will be made using the same payment method you used for your order. Payment card charges Kotatieva returns to the same card with which the payment was made.

Responsibility of the service provider

The service provider conducts its operations in accordance with the relevant safety plans and health and safety standards in accordance with Finnish laws and regulations.


The service provider can only be held liable for personal injury or damage to property caused by an accident caused by the production of the program / service as a result of a malfunction or defective device of the service provider or its personnel or subcontractor. The service provider is not liable for damages or injuries that are indemnifiable from the participant’s own travel insurance.

We recommend that customers take out travel insurance for unforeseen situations.

The user of the program services is obliged to compensate in full for the damage caused to the destination or its furniture. The guardian is responsible for the damage caused to minors. To cover the booker’s own damages, we recommend taking out personal travel insurance.


All changes or alterations to be made to the reservation shall be made in writing within office hours in Finland. The requested changes are subject to the written approval of Kotatieva. 

Force Majeure 

Neither Party shall be held liable for any default, damage or loss due to a condition force majeure or to unreasonable impairment of the Party’s operations due to a similar cause (including but not limited to war, strike, weather, lack of snow, or other natural condition etc.). If encountered a force majeure condition, the Party shall immediately notify the other Party in writing thereof, and shall keep the other Party fully informed of the continuance of the force majeure condition and of any relevant change of circumstances whilst such force majeure continues. When encountered a force majeure conditions Parties shall also take all reasonable steps available to it to minimize the effects of the force majeure on the performance of their obligations under this contractual relationship.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Finnish Law. The Finnish Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, controversy or claim related to such a demand. The District Court of Lapland (in Finnish: Lapin Käräjäoikeus), placed in Rovaniemi, shall be the court of first instance.

Kotatieva Oy FI3240644-3 (online shop) sells products to private persons in Finland and abroad. We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions, and the prices. All prices include the VAT.

Contact us 

E-mail: info@kotatieva.fi 
Telephone: +358 40 162 0862
Address:  Ounasjoen itäpuolentie 828, 96900 Rovaniemi


Orders are collected from the online shop selection by adding the products to the shopping basket. The order is confirmed by using the check-out functionality in the online shop to pay for the purchase. By confirming an order, you accept these terms and conditions, product pricing and shipping costs. An e-mail confirmation will be delivered in case an e-mail address is provided by the time of confirming the order. The e-mail confirmation lists the products ordered and the price breakdown.