Frequently Asked Question


We have listed some of the frequently asked questions here. The topics are divided by the activities, transportation, and our services at the area. The information is helpful when you’re planning your visit to Kotatieva and want to get ice skating on our forest track.

A Day in Kotatieva -service

What does A Day in Kotatieva -ticket include?

A day in Kotatieva -ticket includes entrance to Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park, a snack (sausage/vegetarian sausage & hot drink), and the equipment needed for the activities. The park is open from 10 am to 3 pm.

Where is Kotatieva located?

Kotatieva is located in Rovaniemi, 10 kilometres from the town centre. The address is Ounasjoen itäpuolentie 828Please see specific instructions here.

How can I get to Kotatieva?

You can arrive either by your own car or by taking a taxi.

Is there visitor limitations in Kotatieva?

Kotatieva’s daily visitor limit is 50 people. We want to guarantee every visitor the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful environment without the crowds of tourists.

Is there indoor spaces in Kotatieva?

We have a Lappish Hut with an open fire where you can warm up. There’s also a spacious changing room where to change your equipment, warm up, and buy our café products.

What should I wear for my visit?

Before your visit be sure to check the weather forecast for your visit date. Dress the way the weather requires. We recommend wearing at least a quilted jacket and trousers, warm shoes, a beanie and gloves (mittens are the warmest), and woolen or thermal socks. On cold days (when the temperature goes -10 or under that) put on more layers. A tube scarf is good to have to be worn under the helmet when skating – we also provide them if you don’t have your own.

Where can I get ice skates?

You’ll have all the equipment needed for the activities from Kotatieva. You don’t need to bring any equipment with you. But if you want to use your own ice skates, helmet etc, that is okay too.

Can I get something to eat during my visit to Kotatieva?

The entrance fee includes a snack (a sausage or a vegetarian sausage) and a hot drink (berry juice). You can also buy café products such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, buns, biscuits and chocolate. There’s also hot soup available.

How about special dietary requirements?

Special dietary options (such as gluten free or vegetarian) are available by request. If you need special options, please let us know by emailing to

Aurora Skating

What’s the difference between Aurora Skating & Aurora Skating Private Night?

By buying a Private Night -ticket you’ll be the only visitors with your own group. With Aurora Skating -ticket you take part of the evening ice skating which can be participated by other persons too. Otherwise the program is the same.

What does Aurora Skating include?

The transportation from a pick-up point to Kotatieva and back, ice skating in the dark on our forest track with headlamps (equipment provided by Kotatieva) and a dinner in the Lappish hut.

How long does Aurora Skating take?

The duration of Aurora Skating is three hours including the transportation.

What does the dinner include?

The dinner includes a delicious, warming soup, drinks and a dessert. If you have any allergies or a need for a special dietary, please let us know when booking.

How do I prepare for my visit?

All you need is warm outdoor clothes (winter clothes, woolen socks, warm beanie, good quality handwear), remember the camera and bunch of adventurous mood!

At which time of the day Aurora Skating is held?

Aurora Skating is held in the evenings from 6pm to 9pm.

How do I get to Kotatieva?

The ticket includes a transportation from the pick-up point to Kotatieva and back. When booking the tickets, please let us know where your pick-up point is in Rovaniemi town centre area.

Is Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park open at the same time with Aurora Skating?

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park closes at 3 pm every day and Aurora Skating is arranged in the evening starting at 6pm. There is no other people in the area at the same time.

Will I see the Northern Lights?

Unfortunately the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed to be spotted. The appearance of the Northern Lights requires clear skies. The appearance is also dependable on the activity of the sun’s magnetic activity. There are many apps and websites available which predict the appearance of the Northern Lights. Some of them includes alerts when the activity is rising.
Even if the Northern Lights won’t appear, the ice skating in completely dark surroundings, on a clear night with the moon and the stars, will be a magical experience.

Is there any limitations for the visitors?

The maximum amount of attending the Aurora Skating is 8 persons.


If I have purchased transport to Kotatieva

If You have purchased a pre-sale ticket with transport to Kotatieva, please send e-mail to for pick-up address. Give also your phone number where we can reach you in the morning, thank you.

What are the transportation options to get to Kotatieva?

There are two options available:
1: You can arrive by a car, please see the driving instructions here.
2: You can arrive by a taxi.

Is there any public transportation to Kotatieva?

Unfortunately there is no public transportation to Kotatieva. Please see the other options mentioned abowe.

How do I get there by a car?

Please see the address, coordinates, and driving instructions here.

How do I get there by a taxi?

If you want to get a taxi, there are several taxi services available in Rovaniemi. Here are some of them.