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Varaa lippusi 2022-2023 sesongille ennakkohinnoin!

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Luistele lumisten puiden keskellä kaupungin ulkopuolella
ihastellen taivaan upeita valoja!

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Kotatievan talvipuisto on sujettu tältä kaudelta,
kiitos kaikille vieraillemme!

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Oletko koskaan luistellut metsässä?

Me halusimme tehdä jotain erilaista. Siksi toteutimme teille luistinradan keskelle metsää! Kaiken tasoiset luistelijat pääsevät ihastelemaan tunnelmallista metsämaisemaa ja lumisia puita mutkittelevan luistelureittimme varrella. Tällaista metsäluistelurataa et löydä muualta Pohjoismaista!

Kotatievassa nautitaan ulkoilmasta ja yhdessä tekemisestä hauskojen talvitouhujen parissa ilman kaupungin hälyä. Tekemistä on kaiken ikäisille: luistelua metsäluistinradalla, potkukelkkailua, mäenlaskua, lumikenkä-frisbeegolfia, jääkeilausta ja paljon muuta! Talvitouhujen lomassa levähdetään ja herkutellaan maukkailla Kotatievan eväillä kodan lämpöisän nuotion ääressä.

Saatavilla nyt!


Meillä on myynnissä kaksi eri settiä ennakkolippuja: Ennakkoliput ilmaisella kuljetuksella sekä rajoitettu määrä Early Bird -lippuja alennetuilla hinnoilla. Osta nyt, nauti myöhemmin – vierailu Kotatievaan on odottamisen arvoinen!

Varaa nyt


Koe ikimuistoinen talvipäivä Kotatievassa, lumen ja luistelun merkeissä. Yhdellä pääsylipulla koko alue kaikkine aktiviteetteineen on käytössäsi. Sinun ei tarvitse tuoda omia välineitä – me lainaamme sinulle luistimet ja kypärän! Ilta-aikaan tarjoamme pienryhmille Revontuliluistelua.

Lunta ja Luistelua

Revontuli Luistelu


Etsitkö tekemistä isommalle ryhmälle? Kotatievan talvipuisto soveltuu erinomaisesti yritysten virkistyspäivän viettoon, koululaisryhmille ja muiden yksityisryhmien käyttöön.
Kerro meille toiveesi!

Tätä vieraamme ovat meistä mieltä

TA - Ivana

We had so much fun, we felt like we were kids again! You get brand new ice skates, sledges, snack and a drink includes in the ticket price. There is small ice rink + beautiful wide ice trail that goes thrugh the forest, natural sledge path and also a space for bowling on skates outdoors. Highly recommend this place.

Ivana P, 1/2022

G - Radu

A gorgeous place with very kind people. An unforgetable experience!

Radu Budisteanu, 2/2022

TA - Marru

An autenthic winter experience. Friendly staff, wide selection of winter equipment (ice skates, sledges, snow shoes etc.). It is located in the arctic wilderness. I found the footprints of a wood grouse while hiking in the forest. The road to the destination is fascinating. Silence and an arctic sunset with a blue moment are worth experiencing there.

Marru, 12/2021

TA - mrswarden, UK

This is the most magical and unexpected place we found on our visit. It is naturally beautiful, tranquil and breathtaking. Every detail from the candles, signage, skate hut and Lappish hut has been exquisitely planned. The hosts were so friendly and made the trip so special.

mrswarden2016, 12/2021

TA - Kaisa R, UK

The ice skating trail through the snowy forest was my favourite experience at the Kotatieva winter park and definitely a unique one. There are also plenty of other outdoor activities including snow shoeing which is particularly great if you want to do some “forest bathing” and enjoy the beautiful untouched scenery of the wild. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the great thing is that the rental of all the equipment is included in the entry fee. I would definitely recommend visiting this place.

Kaisa R, 12/2021

G - Sepe

Great place for traditional winter activities. You even get to enjoy some snacks in the warmth of a Kota (a sort of hut). They have developed also some not-so-traditional winter activities to function very well outside. Strong recommendations!

Mr Sepe , 12/2021

TA - Maja G

An absolute MUST if you are in Rovaniemi! We had a lovely day skating around, sledging and snowshoeing! We even tried bowling on skates! ⛸The park provides you with skates, snowshoes, sledge, so you dont have to bring your own equipment. You will also get a hot beverage and a sausage for free, which is exactly what you need after a day on ice. The landscape is magical and the best thing about this experience is that it is CO2 free and you get to breathe in crisp, clean air!

Maja G, 12/2021

TA - tequilathief UK

This place is like a fairytale experience. Tucked away in pristine snow covered forest is a picture perfect natural winter wonderland. There is a natural ice rink trail, a natural sledge track and snow shoeing. All equipment (which is pristine as it’s only 3 weeks old) is included In The ticket price plus hot berry juice, moose stew or sausages.

We had the place to ourselves which made it even more special.

Of all the places we have been in Rovaniemi this is by far our favourite. The owners have worked so hard at making it a homely , non commercial , gorgeous environment, and it has worked!

Thank you 🙏 ❄️⛄️

tequilathief UK , 12/2021

G - Roxana

We had an amazing time on a sunny Saturday. Skating, sledging, snowshoeing in beautiful snowy trees. Ohh and to not forget about the soup and sausages we cooked by the fire. The owners and everybody there are really helpful and kind. Thank you!

Roxana Lepadatu, 3/2022

TA - Lysanne

This was sooo much fun!! We did the Aurora ice skating trip and is was beautiful! The owners are so very nice, the forrest is amazing and the soup with moose/hot chocolade and the pancakes are delicious.

Lysanne, 2/2022

TA - Camila

It is an amazing place to spend a day in Rovaniemi!!!! There are so many things to do! We did ice skating, we played hockey and bowling, we also walked in the deep snow with snow shoes in an amazing forest of the property and also used the sledges in the hills. Besides that, they gave sausages to be eaten in the fire place.
Really a fantastic place to stay all day.

Camila FR, 1/2022

G - Marti osa 1

It was absolutely wonderful. The best thing we did here in Lapland.
It's just 10 minutes by car from Rovaniemi. The last 2km of the street are something magical. There is a 500m ice skating track in the middle of the forest and also a bigger ice skating ring where you can play hockey. Then there is a hill where you can have fun with sledges in the snow. You can also play bowling on ice, basketball in the snow, walk in the forest with snow shoes, drink a hot tea and eat a sausage in a warm Kota...

Marti Cat, 1/2022

G - Marti osa 2

A really authentic and magical place. You pay the entrance ticket and it's all included (all you need to have fun, sausage and tea as well). I recommend this place to every one. You can spend there the full day.
The owners are very helpfull and nice.

Marti Cat, 1/2022

TA - Alison

Five star experience! We’ve been to Finnish Lapland twice now and this has been the most memorable thing we have done. Loved every second. The couple of who own it are lovely and the whole day was magical ✨ ⛄️

Alison H, 2/2022

G - Christine

Wow wow wow what a Beautiful idlic peaceful place. Inga and her husband were so friendly and welcoming. We took our 4 year old grandson who had the the time of his life. It's not far from the city centre, but you need a car or I believe Ingra can arrange transport not sure how much though. We spent the whole day there. Cooking sausages in the Finnish tent on an open 🔥 was great fun. Don't forget to take your marshmallows and sticks nothing like roasting them on the 🔥 we shall be going back for sure.

Christine Barber, 2/2022

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