Transportation: Pick up point and timetable information

Kotatieva’s own transportation service starts running on 9th of December. If you have booked the free transportation service with your day pass, please read the following information about the pick up and drop off addresses and the timetables.

The bus has clear “KOTATIEVA” sign on the front window at is also marked with Kotatieva signs on the sides.

Pick up address

The PICK UP and DROP OFF POINT is in the Rovaniemi town centre, next to Rinne Shopping Center on the street Poromiehentie. On Google Maps the bus stop is named Porokulma E.

Your pick-up and drop-off point can also be in Santa Claus Village. The pick up and drop-off at SCV is at the parking lot next to Santa’s Pizza & Burger.


There are three transportation rounds per day. The timetable is:
Round 1: From town 9:30am – Leaves back at 1:30pm
Round 2: From town 10:30am – Leaves back at 2:30pm
Round 3: From town 11:30am – Leaves back at 3:30pm

If you want to be picked up at Santa Claus Village, the bus stops at 9:45/10:45/11:45am.

Timetable can’t be changed or combined, due to limited seating on the bus.

You can choose freely which point you want to use, but You can use the transport only once to each way. So for example you can get on the bus in city center and drop-off at SCV on your way back.

Please have your tickets ready on your phones before the bus arrives at the pick up point. The bus can only stop for taking the passengers in and ride on, it is not allowed for the bus to stay and park for longer. Also, check the transportation time you have booked so you won’t miss your ride.

More information about our transportation service:

If you need to contact us quickly, please call or send a WhatsApp message to our number +358 40 162 0862.

We look forward to seeing you in Kotatieva!

Kind regards,
Kotatieva Team