What’s NEW in Kotatieva this winter season?

We are excited to start our second season here in Rovaniemi with some new features and renovations. Last winter was our first season and based on the outstanding feedback we received we can’t wait to start again! Here’s what will be new in our winter leisure park in the following winter:

1000 metres long ice skating forest track! Our unique ice skating track will grow from 500 metres to 1000 metres! Our speciality, an ice skating track in a Lappish forest, was a huge success and much loved by our guests during the first season. The track, even as 500 metres long, is unique and now it’s going to be even more spectacular! The track will grow to its full 1000 metres length during the beginning of the season.

A traditional Finnish sauna and hot tub! Last winter many were asking if we could also provide sauna and hot tub for our guests. So we decided to say yes, why not! A lovely, traditional log sauna is available both for daytime visitors and for evening visitors. Together with sauna our guests can relax in a steamy hot tub under the winter skies. See more about the daytime sauna service here and more about the evening program here.

Higher and faster sled hill! Our sled hill is built on a natural hill and it’s sure long enough for great snow fun. To speed it up a little we are building the starting point higher for a faster takeoff. Even though the hill will be faster it’ll be still as safe.

A sleigh carousel! As a new feature there will be a sleigh carousel, which is a traditional Finnish way of winter fun on ice. The carousel is adored by children but, as we know by experience, adults may want to take over, too!

All our programs are suitable for beginners and for children. Children under 3 years enjoy free of charge.

We are located 15 minutes drive away from the centre of Rovaniemi town.

And as a kind reminder:  At the moment there’s a sale for Aurora Skating programs: We offer a 10% discount for all the Aurora Skating programs until the end of October 2022!

We are happy to start the new season on 10th of December. We welcome all our guests to enjoy Kotatieva together with us!

With kind wishes,

Inga, Tuomas and the whole Kotatieva team